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                                          FRANK POLANCO

A photographer, multimedia artist, curator, traveler, community activist, philanthropist white a great passion for the arts but with a bigger  passion in animal welfare. 

A native of Puerto Rico, Frank often approaches photography as a documentarian with a twist.  Most of his images are taken in real life situations sometimes with an altered approach. Viewers are invited to participate in moments passed, moments they will never partake in because he was the only one there to witness the scene. His audience may be able to live in an instant the moment captured; an instant perhaps hard to be replicated.

One of his latest achievements includes the selection of his piece SAVE ME, a picture of a turtle selected by The United Nations Environment Programme and the Climate Museum of New York

The image was printed on a eco friendly- biodegradable flag and became part of The Flag Project at Rockefeller Center in New York  The flag is flying high until May 1st, 2022  together with other one hundred and ninety two other selected work of arts focusing on what really matters — "Only One Earth” the theme of the exhibit.


Frank has been commissioned by the City of Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park and Pompano Beach and his photos are displayed on Utility Boxes in the form of public art.


Photography is a critical aspect of the society in which we live. An

image has the capability of educating in all aspect of every day life

without it we are left only with spoken and written word. 


Frank mixed media creations, painting, drawings and art installations represent some of his own personal emotions and feelings.


Franks greatest satisfaction are those found through the array of projects and events he creates with his 501 c (3) non profit organization South Florida Lending Hands. Frank is also a huge animal advocate, he invests a lot of his time helping ease the pain and sorrow of some many voiceless animals locally, nationally and Internationally.

One Life-Live It

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