Frank approaches photography as a documentarian; most of his

images are taken in real life situations with an unadulterated

approach. Viewers are invited to participate in moments passed,

moments they will never partake in because he was the only one

there to witness the scene in that moment. He takes pleasure

knowing that his images invite people to immerse themselves in that

moment in time. His audience may be able to live in an instant he

captured; an instant perhaps hard to be replicated.

Photography is a critical aspect of the society in which we live. An

image has the capability of educating in all aspect of every day life

without it we are left only with spoken and written word.

With over half a century in this planet

he continues to evolves while emerging

in the world of mixed media, painting and art installations.

All of which evolves around many aspects of our social,

eco, community and animal world.