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Little Free Library Competition curated by Frank Polanco @ART13

A collaboration between Art13, Action for Literacy, and The City of Fort Lauderdale Neighbor Volunteer Office.

Many artists participated in this year's Art13 goes to Sistrunk. This was part of the MLK Celebration and Fort Lauderdale United day.

Artists took home a blank canvas ( a little free library) and created and artwork. All of the completed works of art were installed along Sistrunk Blvd and open to public view on January 16, 2023.

A panel of judges voted for each Little Free Library artwork and the artists that won received cash prizes.

The Little Free Library remain installed along Sistrunk Blvd for a period of time until they are adopted by local homeowners or businesses.

Action for Literacy is the organization that handles the Little Free Libraries together with the Fort Lauderdale Neighbor Volunteer Office. If you wish to adopt a Little Free Library please contact Jorg Hruschka 954-828-5568


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