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Located at Flashlube 400 NE 13 Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida

In honor of the brave and suffering children, men and women of the Ukraine during this senseless act of war artist Frank Polanco under his non profit organization South Florida Lending Hands and ART13 decided to join the the world by displaying the Ukrainian flag with a sensible and peaceful message in his own community, The Central City Alliance / Studio City in Fort Lauderdale.

FlashLube business owners Marrissa and Fraddy supported Frank's idea to shine light with the message of hope thru art by allowing Frank to decorate the tree in front of their business FlashLube. The tree was wrapped using recycled fabric in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. The swings hanging each bear a message of peace, hope, kindness in the world. The red strings symbolize the blood shed, the white represents peace and the black letters those we mourn.

Life is precious seeing defenseless and vulnerable lives been disrupted, destroyed and killed is an evil act that needs to STOP and never repeated.

Special thanks goes out to Lee Brock Design for her commitment with our community and for been a vital part of this art installation.


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