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Dear friends,

We just wanted to bring you up to speed on our new project at FPSTUDIO2013 Lets start by reminding you that our goal is to promote awareness to "ABUSED & HOMELESS ANIMALS". We have been very eager to help an organization doing an amazing job in rehabilitating and re-homing homeless animals However our goal is to be able to help others as well. With that said, what we have come up with is a virtual magazine called "BELLE" VM Chances are you may think there is no place in this over saturated market for another magazine. But we feel that giving our structure and the cause we are striving towards may set a different frame of mind for us all. Or at least we hope. With the help of some talented people, models, modeling agencies, hair stylist, make up artist, wardrobe stylist videographers, fashion designers, jewelry designers,contributor writers, vintage and high end boutiques as well as many others joining forces all of them coming forward in collaborating together in the production of different articles for this virtual magazine "BELLE"VM Each and everyone is providing something unique for your reading and virtual flipping pages pleasure. Our collaborating team of professionals have unconditionally given there time and talents in order to make a difference. In today's world we tend to look first at the dollars and cents and although those are a must necessityof every personal and business life alike lets not forget that the act of giving may also bring abundance in blessings and everlasting rewards. Moving forward we would like to ask for your help by spreading the word on what we are doing by sharing our links in all of your social media & your own private contacts. @fpstudio2013 and of course becoming a subscriber to "BELLE" VM BEST YET IF YOU HAVE A BUSINESS , A SPECIFIC TRADE, OR JUST ANYTHING YOU ARE CONSIDERING PROMOTING WE WOULD LIKE TO EXTEND YOU AN INVITATION TO DO SO ON "BELLE" VM We would like to welcome you to help us help these hopeless animals by participating in our " AD 4 BARKS" program The Ad contribution programs we have come up with will be just a mere generous act n your part to make this happen with just $25 business card $50 quarter page $75 half page $100 full page $125 back page and $200 cover We will be including a story on your business or whatever is that you will be promoting.* As you already know one of the benefits in virtual promotion is the ability to have a worldwide audience and even if you already have a big presence out in the www just think of the noble cause you will be part of. Plus, we will ad a link to your website right on your Ad providing readers to go directly to your website. NOW HERE IS THE BEAUTY ON ALL OF THIS 10% OF YOUR " AD 4 BARKS" WILL BE DONATED ON YOUR BEHALF to WWW.SAVEASATO.ORG. Did you know that $1 help feed at least one animal a day. Take a look at this video

and get a feel of why we feel so passionate about what we are doing.




CUSTOMER NAME:______________________________________ PHONE:__________________________________ CONTACT NAME:____________________________________ CELL:_______________________________ FAX:_______________________________ BILLING ADDRESS:_________________________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________ ___________ Street City State Zip E-MAIL ADDRESS:_______________________________________________________________ AD SIZE FOR THE ISSUE OF? HOW MANY MONTHS 10% DONATION TOTAL TO SAS TOTAL AMOUNT __________________________ _________________________ ___________________________ ____________________________________ _____________________ CHECK #________________ CASH _______________ MC____________________ VI__________________________ TOTAL PAID $_______________________ CUSTOMER SIGNATURE:___________________________________________ FPSTUDIO2013 SIGNATURE:_____________________________________ AD RATES business card rate $25 quarter page $50 half page $75 full page $100 back page $125 cover $200

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